Keynote Speakers -- Prof. S. Lunev

Prof. S. Lunev

Ohio State University, USA

Title: Key Technology of CO2 Low Energy Consumption Removal for Tail Flue Gas.

Key Technology and System Integration of CO2 Low Energy Consumption in Flue Gas from Thermal Power Plant; O2 - CO2 Oxygen - Enriched Cycle Removal CO2 Key Technology and System Integration; Key Technologies and System Integration of IGCC and Multi - generation System Considering CO2 Recovery; Low energy consumption CO2 compression / purification / liquefaction key technology; Ultra - fine particulate matter (including heavy metal) control technology; Key Technologies of Flue Gas Desulfurization and Denitrification in Thermal Power Plant.

Keynote Speakers -- Prof. L.S. Sun

Prof. L.S. Sun

 Huazhong University of Science and Technology

State Key Laboratory of Coal Combustion, China

Title: Catalytic Reaction Mechanism in Energy Conversion Process.

Prof. L.S. Sun, Mainly engaged in fuel combustion and thermal chemical conversion and pollution control and other aspects of research work. Fields of Research: 1. Theory of Thermal Chemical Transformation of Fuel and Control Mechanism of Pollutants; Catalytic Reaction Mechanism in Energy Conversion Process; Research and Development of Advanced Combustion Technology for High Efficiency and Low Pollution of Pulverized Coal; Solid waste recycling.

Keynote Speakers -- Prof. J.J. Xu

 Prof. J.J. Xu

Northeast Petroleum University

Title: Research Progress of Energy Conversion Technology

Research experience: Effectiveness research on large power network security and stability and supply marginal. Supported by China Postdoctoral Science Foundation(20090450940), 2009-2011; Wind turbine electric transmission control and fault diagnosis technology research, Supported by Post-doctoral research starting capital of Heilongjiang Province (LBH-Q12144), 2012-2015; Theoretical studies of large wind turbine pitch control, Supported by science and technology key project of Heilongjiang Provincial Science and Technology Department(GZ08A504), 2008-2010; Technology research on large wind turbine pitch control, Supported by Heilongjiang youth backbone teacher of university support plan(1154G052), 2009-2011; Electric field strengthening oil production technology research, Supported by The program for New Century Excellent Talents of Heilongjiang Province (1252-NCET-006), 2012-2015.

Keynote Speakers -- Prof. Z.Z. Wang


 Prof. Z.Z. Wang

China University of Petroleum (Beijing), China

Title: Digital Reservoir and Its Future Development


Main Achievements: scription and Prediction of Gas Reservoirs in Daniudi Gas Field; servoir Quality Evaluation and Prediction in Western; Study on Stable Production Technology of Complex Cracked Reservoir in Huoshao Mountain Oilfield; Study on High - efficiency Development Technology of Luliang Oilfield; Study on the Exploration Target of the Middle and Bad'an Area in the Northwest; Digital Reservoir and Its Future Development.

Keynote Speakers -- Prof. G.S. Li

 Prof. G.S. Li

Wuhan University of Technology

Title: Research Progress of Energy Conversion Technology

Research experience: Presided over the National Natural Science Foundation of China (51479149): Marine LNG-diesel dual fuel combustion reaction kinetics and its basic role in the fluid dynamics of the engine (2015.1-2018.12); (2015329811130): Marine LNG-diesel dual fuel combustion characteristics of the study (2015.4-2017.3); Presided over the National Energy Board and the Maritime Bureau project: LNG fuel power ship standard R & D and experimental study (2012.5-2013.5); Presided over the Hubei Provincial Natural Science Foundation of key projects (2011CDA058): bio-ethanol fuel in the engine application of basic research (2012.1-2013.12); Presided over the Hubei Provincial Natural Science Foundation of key projects (2009CDA029): water alcohol reforming and reforming the basic application of fuel research (2009.1-2011.12); Presided over the "973" plan preliminary research special (2007CB216410): hydrogen-rich mixed gas low-cost preparation and application of basic research (2007.3-2009.2).


More Speakers will coming soon...

Keynote Speakers -- Prof. L. Zuo

Prof. L. Zuo

ASME Fellow, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering,

Associate Director of Center for Energy Harvesting Materials and Systems Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA.

Title: Energy Harvesting: from Wireless Sensing to Renewable Energy.

Abstract: Extensive research has been done in the past ten years on the energy harvesting, which enables many promising applications like self-powered wireless sensors.  The energy harvesting is also being extended to large energy scale. In this seminar the speaker will overview the energy harvesting at micro and milli watts scale, then present his unique efforts and recent results on large scale energy harvesting, with interdisciplinary challenges in intelligent materials, vibration dynamics, mechatronics design, control systems, and power electronics.  The topics include energy-harvesting tuned mass damper for tall buildings, energy-harvesting vehicle suspensions, mechanical motion rectifier-based power takeoff for ocean wave energy harvesting and railway track energy harvesting. Vibration energy harvesting based on piezoelectric materials will also be presented in which we stress on the strategies of increasing the harvesting power and achieving simultaneous vibration control. Finally the speaker will summarize his vision of energy harvesting research.

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