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Keynote Speakers -- Prof. L.

Prof. Liu

 Huazhong University of Science and Technology

State Key Laboratory of Coal Combustion, China

Title: Catalytic Reaction Mechanism in Energy Conversion Process.

Keynote Speakers -- Prof. J.J. Xu

 Prof. J.J. Xu

Northeast Petroleum University

Title: Research Progress of Energy Conversion Technology

Research experience: Effectiveness research on large power network security and stability and supply marginal. Supported by China Postdoctoral Science Foundation(20090450940), 2009-2011; Wind turbine electric transmission control and fault diagnosis technology research, Supported by Post-doctoral research starting capital of Heilongjiang Province (LBH-Q12144), 2012-2015; Theoretical studies of large wind turbine pitch control, Supported by science and technology key project of Heilongjiang Provincial Science and Technology Department(GZ08A504), 2008-2010; Technology research on large wind turbine pitch control, Supported by Heilongjiang youth backbone teacher of university support plan(1154G052), 2009-2011; Electric field strengthening oil production technology research, Supported by The program for New Century Excellent Talents of Heilongjiang Province (1252-NCET-006), 2012-2015.

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